Twelve Tutorials for Painter 12


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“Twelve for Painter 12”
With Corel Painter Master Marilyn Sholin

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REMEMBER: Anyone can show you how to do “it” but only Marilyn can show you how she does it!

Whether you are a novice at using Corel Painter or an experienced artist, the new Painter 12 has totally changed how we think about digital art software. There are many new enhancements and key changes to the workflow. The smoothest and most sophisticated version of Painter has influenced how I am now managing workflow and painting.

These “Twelve for Painter 12” tutorials will cover how I utilize the newest version and give step by step lessons and videos with screen shots to help you understand how to get the most out of the software. Even if you are an experienced Corel Painter user, this guide will walk you through the newest features and how I am using them.

TWO HOURS of Videos!

Table of Contents


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Tutorials Include:

  1. Marilyns Top Twelve Painter 12 Exciting Features
  2. Painter 12 Desktop Tour and Workspace Preferences
  3. Clone Painting with the new Clone Panel & using multiple clone sources on the fly
  4. Quick Clone Painting How & Why and the Options
  5. Auto Painting Features & how to personalize Auto Painting to your own style of painting. Funky and fun ways to use Auto Painting to work quickly to finish paintings.
  6. New Brush Preferences: How to change your brush on the fly and save it for use over and over. A review of the new brush categories in Painter 12 and where and how to use them best. Step by step: “Let’s change a brush”. How to LOAD third party brushes.
  7. Layers: How to use them, create them, when to use, features of using layers.
  8. Fast Portrait Painting Technique
  9. Portrait Painting Traditional with more detail
  10. New Kaleidoscope and Mirror Features and how to incorporate them into your work.
  11. How to incorporate other software into your Painter paintings and why. Mixing and matching other applications and even iPhone & iPad apps into your Corel Painter paintings will boost your creativity.
  12. Typical Work flow I use to create paintings. How do I start them? How to finish them? What is my thought process as I work my way through the painting? Do I paint to music or not? The little things that people ask me all the time about how I make my decisions on a painting. To add texture or not?

BONUS: Marilyns Painter 12 Favorite Brush Set including my own tweaks to brushes I love.

PLUS: Resource list and websites of where to find products mentioned and the discount codes if applicable to them.

MORE INFO: Written sections will be PDF files and all movies will be viewable in QUICKTIME.

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