STEALING COLOR with Photoshop and Corel Painter




Learn how to Steal Color from other famous palettes or just your favorite images that inspire you! Using Photoshop or/and Corel Painter there are multiple methods to get the colors of your dreams into your paintings.  Tutorial in Corel Painter 2016! Methods ALL WORK IN PREVIOUS VERSIONS!!

One Hour Video Tutorial plus PDF and images plus palettes.

After Payment via Paypal this will be sent to you within 24 hours!


You can’t BUY this bonus! Only available with purchase! Over One Hour Webinar sponsored by the Wizard of Light a MASH UP with MARILYN where I talk about how to get into galleries and all the events I have scheduled and how I connected with them. MANY questions answered! This was live and in person. The first of many Mash Up to Come!!

Over One Hour Quicktime Video!!