Simple Materials List for Workshop On Acrylic Painting Printed Canvas




Simple Materials List for the Online Workshop

Chip Brushes (upper left) Only a few. Any home or paint store.

2″ and 3″ most useful depending on size of your canvas

Sponge Brushes (at least six or more) Paint or Home Store

Assortment of other brushes for highlights and small area

The FAN brush is very popular with my students

Paper Plates can be disposable paint palettes

Plastic Silverware for mixing and spreading paint

Container for Water

Baby Wipes help clean paint off you

Toothpicks and Q tips are useful also (optional)

Isopropyl Alcohol (optional)

Bucket for disposing of Acrylic Paint the proper way


These are PLASTIC egg crates we get eggs in. They are super handy as paint palettes as you can see. I love using them in workshops and then sending them home with each person but this is just an idea and not a necessity. Just if you happen to have them you might want to use one.


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