Red River Watercolor Fine Art Paper

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red_river_paper_aurora_WEBWe will be doing a few “Warm Up” exercises during the workshop. I do these on watercolor paper. I have found that this is my very FAVORITE fine art paper to both print on using inkjet printers and also to paint on. Watercolor papers are porous and the paint and ink sink into them. This one has the perfect “sink” for me still retaining the brilliant colors either of the paint or of the ink. The paints also are smooth to paint with on this particular one.

I am showing an 11×14 box I have but you can use ANY size for the lessons and you only need around three sheets at most.

You are more than welcome to try out other papers and if  you live outside the USA you might want to get either Epson, Hahnemuhle or Canson Watercolor papers. You won’t have exact same results but the lesson will work for you.



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