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This is the product I use if my prints are not sealed by the lab. If you print your own prints no matter what substrate (canvas or watercolor) you need to seal the ink to create a layer that does not bleed the ink.  I have used this one for years and for hundreds of workshops and it’s simple, easy and dries super fast.

If you order your canvas from the lab you might want to opt to let them seal it for an extra fee until you see if you need these materials.

If you are out of the USA and need to find a matching product I unfortunately have no recommendations for you but below are the important points to look for. I have tried some other brands but this is the best out of everything I have used. One can lasts for a lot of prints also.

  • UV blocker doubles the lightfast rating.
  • Non-yellowing formula for longer lasting prints.
  • Excellent for the elimination of gloss differential
  • Used on all photographic medias and keeps the original surface texture
  • Rated by Wilhelm Research, Epson and HP to increase print longevity


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