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Get both the Tutorials and the 90 Minute Webinar!

PhotoSymphonies Tutorials & Videos

We are very excited to be able to offer these lessons with no secrets kept back. Marilyn will show you how to do digital art for your portraits and photographs like you have never done before. SEVEN packed chapters filled with lessons and videos and PDF!

5 PRESETS FOR ALIENSKIN SNAPART 3 includes the MONET settings:


8 Nik Efex 4 Marilyn Presets


8 Topaz Adjust5 Marilyn Presets


Plus MUCH MORE! 90 Minutes of VIDEO Tutorials!

Chapter One:

List of all the programs and apps that will be used and the links and discount codes for all of them (if available). Also list of my own equipment and what I own and use the most.


Chapter Two:

“Enhancement VS Transformation”

Which software is which for each of these and where they also crossover each other.

Topaz VS Nik: Why I use both (VIDEO)

Corel Painter 12.1 How to get started with it and the easiest way to use it for those who want to do some painting of their images but not get into the software too deep. (VIDEO Overview)

Chapter Three:

Start at the Very Beginning:

I will show how I take raw images from a point and shoot camera and enhance it to be usable either as art pieces or prints. Takes the image from the beginning to the piece of art.


Chapter Four:


Personalized Presets for Postworkshop, Topaz and Nik Efex. Marilyns personal presets for these plugins and how to install them in each program.

Chapter Five:

Transforming the Image:

Showing what can be done with Postworkshop Pro Edition 3,apps to create Mosaics. (VIDEO)


How to output the images and print for best resolution including tips on sharpening (which programs or plugins to use) and how to best use them for optimum results. What paper or canvas to use and how to choose paper or canvas. What labs to use for ease of ordering, prices and prompt delivery and their professional color finishing.

Chapter Seven: PRODUCTS

Which websites to trust with your work and complete overview of products to put your images on to create gifts.

90 minutes of video plus all the PDF LESSONS and Marilyns set of Topaz, Alienskin Snapart3 and Nik EFEX4 PRESETS!


File is zipped and is 500megs!

Allow 24 hours to receive download link

PhotoSymphonies Webinar

The first PhotoSymphonies Webinar was a huge success. Over 400 people attended it live and in person. We are happy to now offer the entire webinar as a download for your purchase.

This is the LIVE webinar finally being offered for sale. It is a companion to the PhotoSymphonies Tutorials.

The webinar link for you to download it will be sent to you via HIGHTAIL.COM within 24 hours.


The art of seeing what isn’t there means the moment the shutter is pressed one has ideas in mind of what to do with the image to bring it to a true art form.

Much like a symphony orchestra this requires many instruments to play together to build to a crescendo that is the final image. As visual artists our instruments are all at our hands in our computers. Learning to play these instruments for the best results requires knowledge and practice. Like any good musician this requires choices and the ability to distinguish the good notes from the bad notes.

Some of the instruments in Marilyn’s orchestra include: Topaz Filters, Nik Filters, Alienskin, Postworkshop, Dynamic Auto-Painter, iPad apps, iPhone apps and the list goes on and on. Sometimes they are finished in Photoshop and sometimes in Corel Painter. Sometimes they are not finished in either of them.

Marilyn will show the workflow and easy techniques to bring together all the instruments in her orchestra to play a beautiful symphony. She will show how to add the finishing touches that make the difference between an average simple song and a complex polished piece of art.

Whether you decide to use one, two or all the sample workflows she shows will be up to you the artist. As a photographer and visual artist this program will excite your soul to be as creative outside the camera as you are at the moment of capture.

This is one program that speaks to all photographers whether they are wedding and portrait or landscapes or fine art. Everyone will benefit from learning more about all the instruments in their tool box.


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