“The Finishing Touch” is about easy and fast portrait painting. Nothing complicated, but how to do it fast and easy without a lot of fuss. Includes a set of 16 Portrait Brushes set to work perfectly for you the first time.

Includes a 90 minute video you can pause or advance or replay over and over. Step by Step instruction.


Includes a one click install WORKSPACE or if you prefer you can install the Brush Category to your own set of brushes and still follow along.

This is what is inside the folder:



This is only for Painter 2015 2016 and 2017

(no refunds on digital downloads so be sure you understand this will not work in previous versions)

Also, this does use other software and plugins. Here is the list of what I use:

Nik  EFX COLOR PRO, Topaz Restyle, Photoshop any version CS5 up, Alienskin Blowup 3 Florabella Retouching Actions, Painter 2015. THESE ARE NOT INCLUDED! The video tutorial shows how I use these but they are stand alone purchases if you decide you need them.

The PDF INCLUDED has links to where to buy or to get discount codes 

If you have been struggling with painting portraits this is the one for you. You also do not even need to know PAINTER! The way I have structured this is ANYONE can install the workspace and follow the video to paint portraits!