Masterpiece Portrait Painting





This is the tutorial to get if you want paintings that look like paintings in all their glory without a hint of photographic reference showing. The method is simple but it will take time to practice it and get the hang of it. I’m not going to sell this as something simple. It’s COMPLETE in that it takes  you from the image preparation in Photoshop to the final painting in Painter and then back to Photoshop for finalizing it.

4-19-2016 11-00-02 AM

This tutorial is for those serious about sitting down to paint and doing it like a master.


Original Capture


First blocking out the subject Click the images to see them larger


Working on the details. #WIP Work in Progress







The main video is over two hours long and goes into full detail of the painting being done live while choosing brushes and painting details and adding colors. The video is the blonde girl from beginning to final painting. There are other images included for you to paint and practice on. The girl with the horse is a WORK IN PROGRESS using this method. Click on the images to see them larger. 

Includes set of 30 BRUSHES

The brush category is a compilation of brushes some by myself and others from the program tweaked by me and also brushes from my other tutorials but all put together to make a set of 30 brushes for portrait painting. You may not use every brush for every painting. Sometimes you will find just a few brushes will work just fine for your particular painting.

BONUS Family portrait painting is one hour long and take you through the process and more thoughts on painting.

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This is a 2 GIG download. It’s HUGE because I wanted the movies to play large on your screen to see the details. After purchase allow me 24 HOURS to send you the download link! You will get it from The link will be good for a week for you to download it and good for two downloads, then it expires. 

NOTE: Although the promo shows FOUR paintings done in this method the video is of the blonde girl from beginning to end.  There are other images also included to paint.