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Over 5 Hours of Video plus Content from Four Webinars!


Wizard of Light Finishing Touch


“UP” your photos & create stunning, high-end art and profit churning paintings.

For photographers who don’t want to go crazy with Painter but who want learn enough to add extra products and profits to their bottom line.
with Marilyn Sholin

It’s important to understand what they are and how they are set up. This was a series I did hosted by Rob Provencher who has a members only website called This is an educational website for photographers. Rob introduces me at the beginning of each webinar and then also asks questions and passes me on questions from the attendees.

Total running time of the four webinars is 4 ½ hours PLUS there are more videos included in the last chapter on wet painting which come to 40 minutes. So it’s over 5 hours of video overall.

Each chapter has it’s own files and downloads. Everything is provided for you to work just like I am. It does NOT include extra software I use or plugins I demonstrate. A pdf in Chapter Four provides links and discount codes to things I use.

What you need for this special presentation

Students will need Corel Painter 2015 (you can download a FREE TRIAL 30 version at right before the class.) You can also purchase Painter 2015 with a discount code ELITEMS will save $100 on the software.

Marilyn will take you through an easy step by step on installing a workspace that will have everything ready for you to go. Brushes are included in the workspace that  I will be using.

Any version of Photoshop from CS5 up. Probably even lower versions will work also.

IDEALLY if you are serious, a Wacom tablet of any kind to get started.

If really want to invest then an Intuous 4 or Intuous Pro. (Many of her students find tablets on Ebay as people trade up.)

This is a large download. If your connection is too slow or you have problems please email me direct and I will send to you via another method.

Part ONE

  • Setting up Painter with a Workspace and a tour of where everything is.
  • Simple explanation of Painter terms.
  • A PDF  explaining more of Painter short cuts and terms
  • Starting in Photoshop how I prep an image for changes.
  • The plugins I use and sizing the image and making changes that have high impact but little or few steps.
  • How to retouch the eye highlights easily to create better eye files for painting
  • Using Content Aware Fill to clean up images.
  • Multiple methods to create a dynamic background and possibilities of changing the tones in the image.

You will get this zip file for Part One and inside of it is ANOTHER Zip File.

You need to open both. Suggest save everything to one folder on your desktop. The first zip has your MP4 movie to watch in Quicktime.

This is what is inside the Second Zip Folder. The PWS file is the Workspace for  Corel Painter 2015. (Will not work in previous versions!)

zip_file_part_one Zip_file

 Part TWO

  • Small Changes for Big Improvements:
  • Hair, skin and eyes all done simply and quickly.
  • Hair: Adding highlights, being bold, smoothing it fast and clean.
  • Skin: Adding quick blush, smoothing without a plastic effect
  • Eyes: Adding correct highlights, improving color of the eye and correcting oversized pupils.
  • How to create a fast painterly eye to enhance the portrait.

Part Two is a one hour MP4 to watch in Quicktime.


  • Taking it further in Painter:
  • Simple painting clothing with one brush
  • Adding painterly effects in highlights and shadows.
  • Choosing what to change and what to leave alone.
  • Finishing in Photoshop to prepare to print.
  • Multiple effects and plugins in Photoshop for finishing

Part Three is a one hour and fifteen minute MP4 to watch in Quicktime.


  • Painting the digitally printed finished canvas with acrylic paints.
  • Materials needed (list will be provided with brand names)
  • Simple embellishing adds value.
  • Textures vs. adding colors
  • Finishing the canvas

Part Four is multiple zip files again similar to Part One.

The first zip has within it another zip.

part_four_zip_everything part_four_zip

The second zip file is six chapters of movies showing how to do the effects explained.

The two movies will come to over an hour and a half of movies.


DISCLAIMER: These tutorials include parts of but not all of two of my other products. “The Finishing Touch” Tutorials and instruction found HERE and “Acrylic Painting the Digital Canvas” found HERE

All tutorials,brushes,videos are sole copyright property of Marilyn Sholin and cannot be reproduced anywhere or posted. Please honor the many hours of work put into this both as live workshops and behind the scenes planning and production.

©Marilyn Sholin

SIZE of FILE:  1.50 GIG Movies all High Resolution


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