Beginner Corel Painter August 21, 2017 One Day Fundamentals




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One Day Norway, ME August 21, 2017


Trish Logan of Norway Maine is hosting a one day workshop for Beginner Corel Painter at her fabulous studio!  Marilyn is famous for having everyone painting in the first hour of her workshops. Come learn quickly how easy it is to learn the basics of Corel Painter and add it into your clients images and fine tune your PPA competition images the software everyone is using.

This is a special opportunity to get in on a special price early so we can plan our trip up to Maine and eat some lobster with you all!!


Laptop loaded with Corel Painter (you can download a free trial version before the workshop)

Any version of Photoshop

Wacom Tablet (can’t paint with a mouse)!

Everyone attending should have a working knowledge of their computer. This includes
opening and saving files, making folders, making layers, navigating through Windows
Explorer (or Mac Finder) and installing software. They should have an understanding of
making, moving, copying and saving files within their systems.


You will learn my special Masterpiece Portrait Painting Technique and have a special set of brushes to use for it.

Learn about Clone Painting and Quick Clone

Painting with Gradients

Auto paintings for quick underpaintings

How to achieve ultimate color combinations

SO MUCH MORE!!  All in a concise ONE DAY WORKSHOP!!


This workshop will be one day concentrating on getting you up and running fast with Corel Painter. FIRST TIME OFFERED IN MAINE!!