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  Self Study Workshop Painting with Acrylic Paint on finished Digitally Printed Canvas

Purchase the workshop here and you will be sent the course via a download link after payment. (check your spam folder if you don’t see it quickly). The files are in a zipped file that is a gig large so please allow download time and use fastest connect you have available. This is a Self Study Course. You can study in privacy and do the lessons at your own pace.

Marilyn Sholin is a Golden Acrylics GAEP which is a trained and authorized trainer of acrylic painting supported by Golden Acrylics. She is the only Corel Painter Master and Master Photographers in the world with this training and honor.

Two and Half Hours of videos and 36 pages of pdf files are included in the course. 


Instructor-Painter Master, Marilyn Sholin

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This workshop will take the step by step considerations from prepping to printing and then painting with acrylic paints on the digital print. Materials needed and what the options are in acrylic paints. You will learn how to choose the “right” color for maximum effect and learning color mixing basics.

Note that the emphasis of this course is not on watercolors but on acrylic paints. That being said I will also cover “glazing” which could be used on a digital watercolor painting and also “fluids” which can be mixed with water to create a watercolor finish.

Finishing the canvas is very important so a variety of methods for sealing or varnishing (or not to varnish) the canvas will be explored.

WARM UP: A few warm up exercises using real paint and materials is highly recommended before painting on your first canvas. There will be a materials list on what to buy to do these lessons. I highly recommend they are done on watercolor paper and NOT canvas. A sample pack of papers can be purchased from Red River Paper and it will include papers I recommend for the warm up lessons. The Warm Up lessons will be part of the videos and workshop as I feel it is so important for everyone to “feel” paint before they start working on their artwork.



Each lesson will include both PDF step by step with pictures and a video with each lesson showing the technique being applied.

Skill Level


Software Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 or 8, or Apple® Mac OS® X operating system
  • Corel® Painter™ -11- 12. 1 or X3-Photoshop any version
  • Adobe® Reader or equivalent software for reading lessons. Lessons are written in PDF Format.

Hardware Requirements

  • A computer capable of running Corel® Painter™ X3, i.e., 4 GB of RAM or better
  • A pressure sensitive graphics tablet, such as those made by Wacom- Not Required


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